This is an odd way to resurrect a blog, but here goes. Last year, when I watched the final episodes of Mad Men, I was struck by the stunning fate handed to Betty Francis by the writers of the show.  Spoiler alert below for those who haven’t yet seen the show! ************************************************* For those who have […]

Although I’m sure there are zero people following this blog, IN will still apologize for the lateness of this update.  You will recall that last fall, the Interrupted Nurse was hired to start an outpatient palliative clinic, which would be embedded in advanced illness clinics. That effort is now fully underway.  IN has been working […]

So now that the InterruptedNurse has finally achieved NP and CNS licensure and has passed her national certification exam, she feels ready to take on the world.  Mainly by getting a job. I was hired by my hospital to do outpatient palliative care in a clinic setting with different types of seriously ill patients, most […]

Welcome to the inaugural post of Nurse, Interrupted.  This blog will serve as a repository of my thoughts and critiques of nursing as a profession, academic discipline, applied science, etc.  Here we go! So, I just finished my MSN with a dual focus on the nurse practitioner and clinical nurse specialist roles.  Hold the congratulations, […]